Well, my first resolution  for 2015 has already been met;  to start a blog and make my first entry.  I could actually stop right now and be content since being an overachiever is not one of my personality traits.  But, I do have a need to do things well and so if I quit now this would not be my best effort.  There is a lot I want to say which is why I’m blogging.  I love to write.  When things leave my head and get on paper the perspective becomes more clear and makes more sense. My usual pattern is to write, edit, type.   Right now I’m finding it very difficult to type and think at the same time.

What I want to say today is “Congratulations Jan.  You did it!”  This blog is a challenge for me, a process I’ll use to learn more about myself, more about technology, more about relationships and more about life.  I believe that “THIS DAY MATTERS” and that  each one of us matters because we, individually and collectively, impact the world every time we say or do anything. Nothing we do is meaningless. Remember in some science class the rule that “for every action there is a reaction’?  LIKE IT OR NOT THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Right now I am feeling excited, proud, scared and very energized.  New adventures take me off auto-pilot and I must deliberately plan and be attentive to what I’m doing.  I want the gift of this day to matter!  What about you?


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