Since my post yesterday I have spent too much time worrying whether I said the right thing in the right way.  So by way of clarifying, each day does matter because we have opportunities to impact the lives of others in good ways. We make choices that affect others either by the way we do things or by opting not to do them.  The people in our lives also have those choices when they interact with us.  Ever needed to talk and wished someone would call?  Ever had someone on your mind but got too busy to check in with them?  Ever wanted to reach out for help and didn’t?

But today matters, also, because it is filled with good things for us. Today matters because it is a gift we cannot guarantee we will have tomorrow.  Even when we do get another day to enjoy and use it is never the same as yesterday.  Each day is unique like our children, our friends, the weather, our health and mood and so on to infinity.  Today is unique and important.  You are important in today.

I got up earlier than usual this morning.  Truthfully, I am babysitting my daughters dog and he woke me up.  Not sure if he was going to pee in the house, I rose and let him out.  There was the most beautiful sky:  pink, coral, white, blue watercolor dappled with gold as the sun peeked through.  By the time the dogs were fed and coffee brewed the beauty had been replaced by grey that stayed all day.

The beauty of that sunrise, like the Strauss concert I watched last night with videos of Austria and the rivers don’t occur everyday.  Aren’t I lucky I was paying attention?  What blessing did you get today because you were looking for it?


One thought on “WONDER and WORRY

  1. I finally purchased a new bed for Zach. He has grown to big for the bunk bed he has had for the last several years and it was time to pass it on to his younger cousins who can make better use of. My mom and I picked up the new bed and brought it home. Then my parents and I proceeded to dismantle the bunk bed and transport it to my sister’s house. Of course next was putting the new one together. I had hoped it would be all together and ready to use before Zach arrived home from school. I had forgotten today was a minimum day and he was home an hour early and the project was not done. Ok this was either going to go really good or really ugly. Hoping for the best, anticipating the worst, and praying it fell somewhere this side of good. All that to say the look of excitement and contentment is priceless. Thank You Lord, not only is happy about his new bed, but he is excited. Though other circumstances had the day looking dismal, that ray of light from my son’s face was enough to turn it around.


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