Today. I am exposing some of my less than stellar traits.  Don’t judge me please. Remember that no one is perfect.

Yesterday I did not blog because I finally undecorated my house from Christmas.  I had taken the outside lights down on New Year’s day so the neighbors didn’t think I was going to leave them up all year.  The inside stuff didn’t bother me. and no one was coming over, so I took a few extra days of vacation.  Now you know I can procrastinate. You might also infer that I don’t like to clean house  You are correct,

The second secret  I‘m revealing is that I LOVE fast food.  I am only admitting this because what I want to write about today I found on a packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell.  Inspiration is all around us!.  The phrase on the packer read “do it with passion or not at all”.  I must admit that my first reaction to the word “passion” had to do with lust.  Once I moved away from that train of thought, I saw passion  as a gift of character that expresses itself in energy, creativity, focus, perseverance and joy.  The focus could be anything:  art, parenting, politics, service, making money, being healthy, religion.  Passionate people discover something they love, work hard at making it their life’s work and are fulfilled in that process.

I think of Mother Teresa serving the poor in India, Bill Gates developing computers and then  becoming a philanthropist, Billy Graham preaching about salvation, YoYo Ma playing his cello.  These are all famous people whose gift has led to fame.  I can also think of ordinary people, in my life, who are focused and making a difference in their world.

Who do you picture when you think of a passionate person?  Have you found your passion?  What is it?  I am disappointed when I ask myself these questions. While I like to think of myself as passionate about several issues, my behavior doesn’t portray that energy.  If I were to ask family or friends what they believe I am focused and excited about I wonder what they would say?  I’m a little afraid to ask.

S0, what are the implications when a person has a gift, a talent or a skill and doesn’t use it?  Since my word for this year is “Stewardship” I need to pay attention to that question.



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