Here I am, two weeks and six posts into writing a blog.  Pretty amazing after ruminating about the idea of a blog for two years I am actually doing it.  The unknowns scared me off each time I considered it:  what to write, how often ,what focus, who would read it?  Even when I could get past these obstacles the monster still loomed – TECHNOLOGY.  Stalled by fear, my interest would recede and I would focus on other projects less threatening to my ego.  Less challenging.  Easier.

Three months ago I took a challenge to write an article every day for thirty days.  In what would become the “last recycling” of the blog dream, it was time to just do it. The fears were still alive and well.  The computer still terrified me. The difference this time was that my need to write,and the encouragement of a friend, tipped the balance.  I set the date of January 1,2015 and as they say the rest is history.   Thanks Traci.

Not knowing how to do a task, not feeling confident and having no guarantees  lures us into staying where we are.  Safety is in doing what we already know.  Jumping out of our comfort zone  pushes us to learn, which pushes us to grow, which pushes our confidence.  Risk opens the way to a fuller life.  Take a risk everyday.  Try a new food.  Walk a new path. Say hello to someone you don’t know.  Dream.  Eventually the dream may just become a reality like this blog.


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  1. You’re welcome. 😊 I only said things you already knew (like how you need to do it and people need you to do it. And you’re a fabulous writer.). I want to be more brave, like you and take those risks. ❤️


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