Feast or famine.  You’ve heard the phrase.  My current area of too much or too little is ideas for this blog.  Some days (or middle of the nights) I have several topics I can’t wait to write about, others not so many.  Today I do have a couple ideas, but there is one I have been avoiding, STEWARDSHIP.

This is my “word of the year ” for 2015.  The purpose of this word (the same as it was for Health and Service in previous years) is to provide a focus and to guide my choices and decisions through this year.  The purpose is NOT to dictate or orchestrate my behavior:  no rules, timelines or regimes.  I discovered that when I have a goal, a change I want to make in my life, the goal often turns into a hammer I beat myself up with.  If I don’t accomplish it – I FAIL.  Not the best way to make changes or feel good about yourself.

Let’s get the thinking part finished so I can start living out what this means to me. Stewardship is defined as looking after, managing or caring for something.   I am responsible for all the blessings I have; to make sure they are maintained in the best condition possible and used for their best purposes.  I am a steward.

In some churches, when they talk about stewardship,  they include time, talents and treasures.  This is short and simple. These are my resources.  My job now is to decide what belongs in each category.  If I am doing well taking care of something I will maintain it.  If an area needs improving I will focus on improvement.  Here’s one example:  my body is a treasure (can’t do much without it)  so I must protect my health.

Your turn!  What are you a steward of?  How are you doing? Where could you improve?    Ill let you know what I come up with.



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