AMEN!  HALLELUAH!  This is why everyday matters – each day is full of blessings, challenges, surprises, beauty. Today I am celebrating two days of sunshine and 60 plus degree weather. Tuesday,  I met a friend for lunch dressed in a short-sleeved top, leggings and ballet flats.  Yesterday I worked outside trimming trees that are leafless and very dormant from the freeze of last week. I wore a t-shirt and jeans.  NO tights, gloves, sweater, hat or coat.

I don’t know where you live but in North Caroline we have weather.  A natural occurrence unless you live in California where I lived most of my life.  Here, we have rain all through the year, thunderstorms, heat and humidity,  snow, sleet and black ice.  I love it all!  I have to check the weather report before scheduling a hike.  I own actual “winter clothes”, like a full-length wool coat and flannel-lined jeans.  I never knew those even existed.

I could go on about keeping a jacket and umbrella in the car and gloves always in coat pockets.  The point is not how much work it is to have various weather conditions.  The point is that I enjoy the changes.  The Fall is even more beautiful than any picture I have ever seen.  The snow falls once or twice a year, stays for a few days and hopefully returns next year.  The rain and humidity create green in innumerable shades and forests everywhere.  Beauty is worth inconvenience.

When I am not sure what will happen.  When I am unable to predict events.  When I am not in control.   I have to be alert, aware and paying attention.  That’s how I notice the good.  I look for it.  So can you.  I am grateful for new blessings everyday and the awareness of their presence.  I am glad God is in charge.  His creativity is amaxing.


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