Do you ever want to change something about yourself?  Your hair, your laugh, have more self-discipline, read less,  fell more confident, parent more wisely?  I can honestly say that if there were an easy way I would change a lot about myself—probably everything about me would get a little tweak.  The catch?  There is no easy way!

To initiate change requires making choices– choices that are different than the ones I have been making.  Establishing a new habit or behavior pattern, requires consistent perseverance.  To maintain and sustain changed behavior I must be aware of and deliberate in every decision I make.  No more robotically going to the cupboard grabbing a snack; forget mindlessly driving through any place for dinner;  shopping therapy is out.

What is on the list of changes you want to make in your life?  What do you do out of habit that could be sabotaging your progress?

This year I am focusing on being more responsible in  my nutrition, finances and time management.   Whatever progress I manage will positively impact other areas of my life

Last year I maintained a healthy eating plan for eight months.  I had increased energy and interest, slept well, reduced pain, and oh yes, lost weight.  Was it easy?  Heck no!  Can I do it ?  Absolutely !  Increasing awareness of the choices I make  about  what, where and how I spend my money will put me in control and eliminate the wonder “about where did it all go?”.

Being accountable for how I use my time means I am responsible for each day I have been given to enjoy.  What I choose to do with my twenty-four hours is totally my call.  Unlike with food and money, I have no control over how many hours are in a day nor how many days in my lifetime.  Using my minutes, hours and days wisely requires deliberate choices that balance self/others, work/play, relaxation/stress, mind/body/spirit  and the many other competing priorities in our society.

Since this day matters,  I want to make it matter in the most efficient and enjoyable way I can.  Wish me luck.


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