For the past five days I have been focused on the care, feeding and healing of my granddaughter.  She and her younger brother were scheduled to stay with me for two days they had off school while my daughter worked.  They arrived Sunday after dinner and we all looked forward to two days of fun and food.  Didn’t happen.  An hour after they arrived my granddaughter complained of a sore throat.  An hour later she mentioned an earache and felt very hot.  At 4:00am she and I were still awake.  Luckily my grandson slept like a log.

Monday morning, as she was finally resting, I joined the rest of the parents whose children had gotten ill over the weekend;  waiting to get through to the doctor and get an appointment;  then waiting for the doctor; then waiting for the prescription at the pharmacy;  then waiting for her to get some relief.  Meanwhile my grandson was being very good playing on his tablet and eating whatever he wanted.  I had to choose my battles and his diet was not as critical as her fever.

Tuesday was easier;  keep her on medications, lots of liquid and rest.  He and I got some time to play and he went home that night.  Wednesday she stayed with me until Mom got off  work then went home.  Thursday she went back to school.  Mid-day I had to pick her up and return to the doctor and add medication. She went home again last night and I am assuming that she’s back in school today since no emergency text has arrived.

Today I am tired.  It has been years since I’ve taken care of a sick child.  I will rest, clean the kitchen, do some laundry and whatever else (if anything ) I have energy for.  Today I will also bask in the blessing of these children to enjoy when they are well and care for when they are not.  Today I am grateful I can help my daughter as my mother helped me when my girls were small.  Today the warmth of the blessings and the weight of the responsibilities are very obvious to me.  I am the steward of all I have and my family is the most important of them all.

To whom much is given, much will be required.  And that is how it should be.



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