The reason for this post is so I can take credit for making a technological break-through. In my first post I said I had actually avoided blogging for about three years because of fear of the computer. I conquered the fear just enough to set up and publish a plain content page. That really made me happy, but not satisfied.

Well, did you notice that today the header to my page has a picture on it? Friday, with the help of my sister, I found and installed the picture. Another hurdle I have jumped over. There are more to come as I challenge myself to learn a craft totally outside my knowledge base and comfort level. Every time I try and succeed I increase my confidence and willingness to try again.

I mention this because I believe we should celebrate and share our victories and defeats because others are trying new things too. When we share we get support and support others. Overcoming fear, pushing past limitations, learning new skills are courageous feats. Anytime we try something new we are being brave. Brave people are heroes. I want to be a hero – to risk, to grow, to keep life interesting. How are you being brave?


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