In our culture there seems to be a belief that more is better: money, possessions, activities, friends. Quantity and size seem to trump quality and peace. One thing we cannot get more of is time. What we have is what we have.

What we lose when we adopt a lifestyle of striving for more is the enjoyment of what we have in front of us. We pay attention to the big picture and minimize the value of the details. Focused on getting everything done we miss the small fleeting moments that provide the joy and satisfaction of each day.

It takes less than a minute to take six slow, deep breaths which slow everything down and calm mind and body. I love starting my day with my coffee and dogs outside on the patio. Even when it’s chilly I bundle up because being outside calms and prepares me for a day when I might not sit down for awhile.  It takes less than a minute to take six slow, deep breaths which refocus mind, body and spirit. Petting or cuddling my dogs only takes a moment and the physical contact is healthy -like hugs. Looking carefully at a rose, smelling jasmine, sitting under a shade tree. warm sun on your face, watching the flames in the fireplace or children at the playground are all free, quick joy fixes.

Many of the activities that could bring joy to our spirit are ordinary parts of everyday that we have come to take for granted. Someone in your life has a killer smile you don’t see; a laugh you don’t hear; a touch you don’t feel; a kiss you don’t taste; clean hair you don’t smell; nearness you’ve lost appreciation for.

BUT, it takes a deliberate decision, and intentional action to see joy. It is not hiding from us – it is just waiting for us to look. Go find joy today. It takes only a minute and a little goes a long way.


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