The weather app has predicted snow for two days. The time it is due to arrive changes every several hours and I am impatient. I wait, recheck the weather, watch the sky and hope. It’s certainly cold enough – been freezing for four days. Excited! Snow!

I’m sure this eager anticipation of snow, ice, driving conditions, school closures, shoveling and slush sounds bizarre to those of you who live in, or moved from, places where it really snows all winter. But, I lived in California until I moved to North Carolina six years ago. No snow there unless you drove to the mountains which I never did because I don’t drive in snow, don’t ski or snowboard, nor do I like the cold.

Here it is different. Like events and people, who arrive infrequently and do not stay too long, snow here is welcome to me. I stock up on food, turn on the fireplace (gas not real), get a couple books and wait. That is what I am doing now. Once the snow begins to fall, I take snow days until the ice is off the roads. I take pictures, gaze at the beauty, eat comfort food, coax my dogs to go outside and thoroughly enjoy every amazing and beautiful minute.

Snow days come only once or twice a year and they really matter to me.


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