I have a fireplace in the great room of my home (a southern term for family room in Cali). It is the center of activity when winter arrives, and before that, anytime the temperature drops below 50 degrees. I’ve even be know to open the back door so I could turn it on. This morning  I got out of bed and robotically  performed my usual routine; robe and slippers on, let dogs out, coffee on, feed dogs, drink coffee. One thing was different – I  immediately turned the fireplace on. Last night we had 6 inches of snow.

As I mentioned in a previous blog my fireplace is, by some standards, not real – no wood, no crackle, not much heat and no ashes. For me those are the criteria that make it the perfect fireplace.  It serves as a focal point all year as I decorate and redecorate for each season, special event and new picturse.  It is my staging area.

My fireplace provides the ambience of warmth, calm, glowing, cozy, come sit-a-spell hearth and home.  The pleasure of a fire never diminishes for me whether it’s inside or at a campfire.  It is like sunsets, babbling brooks, fall colors, forests, gardens, puppies and babies.   Today I will stay inside and relax in front of the fire.  In a few weeks (hopefully) I will get excited about sunshine and rising temperatures, budding trees and blooming flowers, going outside in flip-flops and short sleeves.  But TODAY I will live in this moment


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