Do you ever get stuck? Half-way through a project you just hit a wall? You get all the material for a new idea and it sits on the kitchen table (or in a closet) untouched? Well, I’ve been trying to write about STEWARDSHIP, my word of the year, for ten days. I want to review my progress at better managing my time, money and health, but the words are not coming together to convey what I want to say. So I scrap that draft and try again. Right now I am ready to give up and try a new subject- but I’m wondering if it’s really the topic or me?

When I think about this “stuckness”, I remember other times in life I have been stalled, immobilized, apathetic about activities I once had great energy for. I discover this pattern repeats frequently – I start something and soon it is unfinished, a thing of the past, in a bag somewhere. Writing is at the top of my list of activities I love to do, want to do, begin to do and abandon. NOT THIS TIME!

I will overcome the inertia. I will break the pattern of decades. I will write and post today. I will:
1. PAY ATTENTION-recognize the momentum has been slowed or stopped. Acknowledge I am STUCK.
2. FIND THE REASON-am I bored, too busy, lazy, distracted, is it too hard, not fun any more?
3. FINISH ANYWAY- No matter what the quality, or reason,the only way to break this habit is to finish what I
start and not start anything new until this is complete.

So, there will be one or more posts about how I’m progressing, or not, with my time, health and money management. Maybe I’ll find I don’t want to write because I am not doing as well as I hoped. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “STUCK

  1. I also have been in a “dry ” spell.
    Mine was creativity, a dear friend of mine
    suggested just work on my project for 20 minutes.
    I tried it and 5 hours later I had finished
    my quilt. Energy is my biggest problem.
    Thank you for your blog.


  2. I love adventures, always gets the juices going.
    It’s awesome to see how other people live.
    I always appreciate appreciate getting back


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