Today I present the first annual “State of Stewardship” report for 2015 as it pertains to managing my time. Further reports will follow(I hope) about money and health management. TIME – the one gift I get each day I cannot work or scheme to get more of – 24 hours, that is all! Each midnight today disappears. No do-overs.

Stuck on this topic for several days I finally saw that my definition of good time-management was productivity. It is the measure I have always used: how much I do, how busy I am and how stressed I am tells me if I’ve made use of the time I have. I was reminded by a reader (Mickey, activity is not the same as productivity. How much we do is not a reflection of how well we do it. How much we do is not a reflection of how valuable we are either. The woman who has the longest list of activities and appointments is not the winner. Quality, not quantity, in the use of our few hours a day, is the yardstick to measure by.

My new definition of wise time-management is: The use of time in activities that improve the health of my mind, body and spirit; enrich relationships; meet the responsibilities I have for myself and others. This is a work in progress, but far better than the old definition.

So, how am I doing? I am PAYING ATTENTION! Amazing how much that helps to choose what to do next. I must know what I am doing with my time now, before I can change what I do with my time. Knowing what my priorities are guides my decisions. Do I take a walk or a nap? Paying attention helps me decide which is better for my health in that moment. Do I eat cake or carrots? That one’s too easy. But, you get the idea. I have to know where I am before I can get to where I want to go. AND I HAVE TO KNOW WHERE I WANT TO GO!

Where are you now? Where do you want to go in a specific area? How will you get there? Start by Paying Attention. Let me know how you’re doing.


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