Self-pity sucks! It really does. It uses up valuable energy and scarce the resource of time, accomplishes nothing and takes enormous effort to extricate myself from it’s power. But, here I am, three hours into my PITY PARTY and no movement toward relief as I sit and sink deeper into the pit.

For two days I have tried to get to the YMCA and a yoga class. For two days I have failed: unexpected errands, headache, stomach upset, someone needs help. too tired, etc. Everyone has days when plans are thwarted and everything and everyone takes priority over self. “It is normal”, I keep telling myself. Usually, when these days happen, I can relax, go with the flow, adapt, be flexible, chill-out. !NOT TODAY!
I cannot get control of my thoughts, so I cannot accept the interruptions and proceed gracefully with my day.

Today, my brain, the primary organ of attitude is especially rebellious and refuses to calm down. Refuses to release the “poor me” message I am focused on -therefore escalating the very ideas that created my self-pity. Thoughts literally direct what we feel emotionally and physically. Then they determine our behavior: words, actions, expressions, posture, heart rate, respiration, all of it. The human body is engineered to work as a unit. A “well-oiled machine” as it were. What happens in one part (i.e.negative thoughts) effects it all eventually (stress. anxiety, anger, etc.)


What do you think of that equation? We will definitely discuss this again soon.


One thought on “PITY PARTY at my HOUSE

  1. I slip into self pity far too often. Wait, no, I think I dive into, maybe even canonball type plunge in. It’s like I want to feel sorry for myself because of this or that, but then I can’t stand that feeling. Ugh, what a horrible cycle I get in. Definitely what I think has an affect on how I act.


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