Today I finally added the “ABOUT ME” section of my blog. I was told, by my daughter, that people might like to know something about me before they decided I was credible. I hope you decide for yourself what you like, but she does make sense, so here it is.  This was also another victory over technology as I figured it out by myself with numerous attempts that didn’t work.  Not failures, just steps leading to success.

My background,  personally and professionally,  impact and influence what I believe and practice.  As a matter of fact, they color everything I write, think, say and believe.  That’s true for all of us.  We are products of our heredity and out environments.  The wonderful aspect of being human is that we have the choice to change.  I can decide that I need to grow in a certain area and then decide to take action to give myself opportunities to get new information, try new activities, meet new people and open myself to new experiences.

Blogging provides me an outlet for sharing what I know and also allows me to get feedback from others who may or may not agree with me.  BUT, I must choose to be challenged.  I am attracted to books, movies, people and activities that I feel comfortable with.  The key to personal growth is to move, just a little at first, out of that comfort zone and take the risk in exposing yourself to newness.  You don’t have to like it. JUST TRY IT!


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