“Writer’s Block” is a term used to describe a state where nothing gets written OR where nothing good gets written. Writing nothing good is where I have been for the last three weeks. Pen-check, paper-check, glasses-check, idea, begin. Words go on the paper, they become sentences, which become paragraphs, then a closing. Not worth editing. Try again tomorrow.

After several tries I saw a pattern that may apply to you. IT DOES TO ME. We make lists of various activities we need to complete:-books to read
-places to travel
-activities to try
-recipes to cook
-house repairs
-decorating projects
-chores and errands
On every list there are things we will do quickly and others that never ever get done. Though, we may keep putting them on new lists like we really intend to do them some year.

What blocks our ability to complete things we want to do? What keeps the idea from becoming a reality? Several factors could interfere with our intentions: difficulty of the task, needing help, cost, urgency.  Popular psychological suggestions would be “Perfectionism” and “Fear”. The first is the need to do something perfectly or not at all, the second is the fear of either failure or success.

In my case, I think its tied to the adolescent desire for “Immediate gratification”. I want to write(or any other activity). I want it to be good the first time I want it to be done  so I can move on to something else. I don’t like to struggle. Struggling includes perseverance, frustration, and the time and energy to finish and finish well.  BUT – it is the finishing well that satisfies, that brings pride in our work and appreciation for the effort.  When a task is easy for me I don’t pay much attention to it, like doing the laundry or grocery shopping.

When a job requires thought, effort,  time, even struggle, I feel good.  When I know I have done MY BEST I can let it go and enjoy the results of my energy.  JOY, that’s what I feel.  That is a good thing.

Find something you want to do.  Do it well.  Feel the joy.


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