In 1912, My great grandmother and her three children left Germany to emigrate to the United State where her husband and son were working and waiting. My grandmother was the eldest child. That was 103 years ago and the love they had for America was given to me through their lives of gratitude for living here.

This Memorial Day, my gratitude was for specific freedoms I have solely because I am an American. I want to share my list, as I give thanks to all who serve stateside and away, all who die, all the families who serve behind the scenes and to my GG and Grandma for showing me how truly great our country is.

I am blessed with: the silence of peace
clean water and indoor plumbing
fresh, healthy foods
a home that shelters and protects
education and healthcare
freedom to move, travel and work
the absence of daily fear
free to worship openly

Many of these freedoms I have come to understand as I learn about those in other countries who do not have them. I am acutely sensitive to the reality that all who live in America do not yet experience these blessings. It is our job, as those who serve at home, to work to make sure all of get to be free and feel free.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and all who serve.


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