In my last post I shared about losing my joy and getting it back. Today I want to talk about the beauty that precedes my joy. Beauty is defined as “the qualities of a person or object that give pleasure to the senses, mind and spirit.” Beauty is a specific and individual perception. Each one of us gets to choose what is beautiful to us, what brings pleasure to our days. The critical concept is that we all have beauty in our lives.

There is an old adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We have to look for it, seek it out, pay attention or we miss what is pleasurable. This is specially true of those people, places and things not automatically thought of as beautiful.  The type of beauty I am describing is not just perceived by the senses, but by the spirit.  It grabs our heart and we are in a state of awe – no words necessary, no words enough, no words to share.  It is our experience alone with God.

There are multiple times in each day that our sous can be grabbed, then nurtured:  babies, sunsets, flowers, laughter, touch, music, pets. Others are less typical:  smiling at someone, a car letting us into traffic, time with someone you love, learning something new, remembering something old.  I wonder what beauty and pleasure I miss as I rush through my activities?  What has been provided for my blessing that I ignore or overlook?   It takes a deliberate decision to stop, seek the blessing, acknowledge it and move on.  Each time we are aware and grateful we build up our joy.

What are the beautiful things in your life that can feed your joyful soul?


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