First, a recap of the last two posts. When I actively seek and find BEAUTY, acknowledge it and am grateful to God for all of it – I GET JOY. Joy then grounds me with an inner sense of peace and well-being. Knowing there is so much blessing leads me to have HOPE that whatever is going on around me will be resolved.

The daily discovery of beauty and the sense of safety that springs from that knowledge creates a hopeful spirit in me. Hope is a feeling and a belief that what we want, need or that which will be good will happen. Hope contains the assurance that whatever happens will be for the best. It requires faith in the outcome and acceptance of the reality. Hope is not magical thinking, wishing or delusion. Real hope is looking at “what is”, doing what we can and believing in the best possible outcome – which may not be what we want.

I have a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. Here is where hope begins, in reality. Not defeated, nor an excuse to give up, but accepting what the circumstance is right now. Only when I accept what IS, remember the beauty in my life everyday, and feel the joy it brings, can I then begin to DO my part to secure the outcome I hope for. I do the footwork and leave the results to God. It is the best sort of partnership. I am part of the solution and He know what He’s doing and where we’re going. Can’t beat that.

Hope springs eternal because it is built into our hearts.


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