Some days I feel like the “Energizer Bunny” You know, the little pink bunny, beating the drum, that “just keeps going”. From feeding the dogs breakfast, until I turn off the lights at night, I am in constant motion. There is nothing wrong with being busy and productive. The sticking point for me is that what I do, both physically and mentally, is automatic. I move from morning devotions through a routine until I leave the house to run errands and keep appointments. Later it’s household chores, dinner and the evening routine until the day is gone and I don’t really remember making conscious decisions. After I make my “TO DO” list in the morning,I do not stop to make choices about the next activity, then the next. My day evolves and I follow it with blinders on.

I wonder if I would make better choices if I actually stopped, breathed deeply and slowly, and consciously decided “What should I do next?” Running on automatic pilot I may miss a chance to help someone, spend time with a friend, hear God. How much beauty do I miss, especially the beauty and joy that comes from people? The people in my life I overlook because I am occupied DOING IMPORTANT THINGS. You know — the child tugging at you pant leg repeating “Mommy”. The teen in her room and maybe you’re glad to have her there. The phone call you do not answer or return. These are not only chances to hear but be heard, to love and be loved.

The importance of each day is NOT what we DO, but what we MISS. Interactions with people, enjoying or just noticing the natural beauty around us, resting our bodies and minds, being conscious and deliberate in our actions and gratitude. For me, it means taking five minute breaks during the day to STOP and LISTEN: to the people around me, to my heart, to my body and to God. We make a lot of dust as we busily complete the tasks on our lists. Who knows what will surprise us if we let the dust settle and look around. We might see Beauty an feel the JOY.

Don’t worry, those things you planned to do will still be there, OR maybe they won’t seem so important.


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