I received some very gentle feedback on my last post . Something to the effect that since I am retired and no longer raising children, I have a lot of time on my hands.   (What does that phrase mean anyhow?) I do have more discretionary time. Time to STOP, SIT and LISTEN. To carefully make choices instead of just going with the flow. I agree, I have more time. That means I also have more time to waste.

I’ve been know to ignore a well organized “TO DO” list and to do crossword puzzles for hours. I’ve also given up chores in favor of reading a good book, or having my grandchildren over, or talking to a friend. The “things” on our lists seem important. Are they the most important things?  Grilled cheese sandwiches and popcorn is a great dinner. Dust bunnies on the floor will not runaway. I know because I’m waiting. A missed bath will not make the children sick. A day spent in pj’s could be a memory forever and certainly a rest for the body, brain and soul.

The word CHOICE means picking between options. It doesn’t mean the most mature or productive choice. It could mean the most fun, relaxing or loving option. The key here is balance. (A book about that in the works.) Balance between what is good and what is best in the whole of our life,  I think that is people.  The choices we make to spend time with  people are the important ones. Time is a commodity we cannot expand nor replace. When it’s gone, it’s gone and so are those exact moments, those people, those situations, those gifts.

I use the words deliberate, conscious and intentional to imply that each of us is responsible and accountable for how we use the gifts of time, intelligence and resources. We have the ability to control ourselves, mind, body and spirit. Whether we take control or give control to others is our choice. I’ve done it both ways and LOUDLY AND ASSERTIVELY recommend you play a large part in deigning your own life. Each of us must take the wants and needs of others, our individual responsibilities, our phase of life and God’s will into consideration.

I am responsible for what I think, how I react and what I do. I am the one who will experience the consequences of my actions. Thinking “I don’t have time” is an excuse to abdicate responsibility. Blaming others is too. You can find three minutes, three times a day, and use it to refresh yourself and decide how you want to spend your gift of time. IT’S YOUR CHOICE! Make it wisely.


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