I am outside having my coffee, enjoying the time I have before it is too hot and I go inside for the day. Another Tuesday morning. I have finished my daily journal, my schedule is set and I am ready to make the entries in my Gratitude Journal when I hear an odd cheeping that sounds awfully close. Curious, I raise my head and there it is…a hummingbird. Last week I saw two of them and they were making the same noise. I had never heard a hummingbird sing, only the sound of their wings beating the air. New experiences are especially precious as I age.

The real surprise this morning wasn’t the noise. For the first time this summer instead of flitting from tomato plant, to Leyland Cypress to the Creeping Charlies s/he went to the bright red hibiscus and had breakfast. Full, the bird flew toward me, hovered four feet from my face, said “Thank You” and flew away.

There is something special about an intimate encounter with a wild creature….it is really an up close and personal glimpse of God. Definitely a gift that brought me beauty, joy and hope on a morning I needed it. I am grateful!


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