Do you know what a doplar is? Actually, I don’t know exactly what it is, or how to spell it, but I know what it does. It is a kind of microphone or stethoscope the doctor put on my daughters tummy yesterday and we heard my granddaughters heart beating. Joy, beauty, hope, awe, tears, miracle, AMAZIMG! Part of my excitement is that the sound never gets old. I heard it every month through my two pregnancies and during my other daughters two pregnancies. Every time, it has moved me in that indescribable, mysterious way the soul itself rejoices. A joy that bypasses the mind and heart and goes straight to the core of my being; that invisible intelligence call spirit.

I was hearing a life, a sixteen week old person. A girl who is the size of an avocado, about 5 ounces in weight, 4-5 inches from head to rump, all parts accounted for and she can hear. In five months I will meet her. It will be a new adventure in my life and the beginning of hers in this complicated world. A new relationship is a gift to be taken seriously and enjoyed thoroughly. I am so blessed, as are my daughter and her husband.

Each life, each human being is precious, valuable and important. Each person has a purpose only they can fulfill. I can immediately see the beauty and potential in babies and small children. These qualities are not always so easily seen in adults who have layers of living covering the innate beauty we are each born with. I believe the miracle of a new life, my granddaughter, will open my eyes to see the miracle in everyone around me. I pray it will.


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