No way I haven’t posted in two months. I write all the time. Where have I been and what have I been doing? No idea. The shift from summer to fall includes tons of changes and activities that detract me from my usual day. Maybe that was the glitch.

First, school started and my grandchildren returned to their routine leaving my days lonely but quiet. The heat wave continued until late September when it rained for days. Weather kept me inside, and since I was feeling sorry for myself I watched HGTV. Didn’t do anything to beautify the house just kept hoping Joanna Gaines would drop by. Everyone in the family, except me, went to California for the wedding of a BFF and stayed for Disneyland. When they started sending pictures of the Pacific ocean my self-pity increased. That always leads to eating, reading and crossword puzzles.

Meanwhile, in seven days of nonstop rain I took care of five dogs. Each had to be taken outside individually to “potty” and fed in separate corners to avoid sibling tensions. Once back at home with only my two dogs it was like vacation. That means I continued to pretend I was still at my daughters house and watched HGTV.

I guess October has been a bit more organized. I started teaching a study called “The Daniel Plan” on Thursday mornings at church. Monday breakfast with friends is up and running for me again. The heat eased and I am out of the house and trying to put the yard to rest before frost or snow. Not only did I neglect this blog but most of the TO DO’s on my list from June are now on my list for spring.

Not a productive summer but a very relaxing one and that’s something to be grateful for.


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