I love to read!!! Reading is a pleasure, an obsession and an education. Fiction or nonfiction, current or classic, decorating or travel. Real books with covers and paper pages. Material objects that can be held, touched and smelled. Though I often borrow books the best one are the ones I own; dog-eared, reread, underlined, margins noted and shared. The characters and authors are like old friends waiting for me to take them off the shelf and visit again.

A new book is a gift. I hold it, examine the cover, read the flyleaf and author’s biography eagerly anticipating the adventure about to begin. When Chapter 1 is finally open the journey begins. Each time I begin to read I get excited. I know I will learn, I will question, I will relate and I will be immersed in another world.

I discovered the secret powers within the pages of books when I was nine years old. Like magic, reading rescued me from loneliness and boredom. Lost in a story I escaped difficult situations surrounding me. Learning about other times and cultures expanded the narrowness of my own world. The female characters were role-models, examples of what women could do that I had never seen nor imagined. Reading nourished my mind, my soul, my imagination by offering me ideas, options and information that encouraged me to grow beyond my beginnings. I am me because I read-past, present and future.


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