Yesterday, in Concord, North Carolina, a group of women made a discovery that could revolutionize women’s health care. After studying five aspects related to health for several months, they agreed they had all the information they needed to revamp their individual health profiles. They also agreed, that even with the knowledge they had gained, none of them had made any consistent progress in changing their behaviors. Was this program just like all the others they had tried? Was there a vital element of the program they had missed? Was it too late for them to make changes to feel better?

After a short discussion they decided the missing ingredient was ACCOUNTABILITY. Busy women, living miles from each other, they had been trying to change habits with only a-once-a-week check-in. Not enough. To make changes, everyone needs accountability, feedback and encouragement. The decision was made to use “group texting” as their tool for sharing efforts, activities and encouragement. The test to begin immediately.

In spite of 30degree temperatures and snow (which should have been a perfect excuse to start later)the women began today. The group text was set up and signals went out throughout the day alerting them of each others efforts. Stretching, dancing, running, any type of sustained movement counted. One Mom was even outside sledding with her kids who were out of school on a Snow Day. So far a success. We’ll keep you posted on the progress. TEXTING! THAT IS A REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT, for some of us.


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