I know I am a day late by the calendar, but I consider January first a “free day”.  It’s a day I use to watch the Rose Bowl, be lazy, eat up the New Years Eve leftovers and take down the Christmas decorations, and maybe store them away.

New Years is an artificial event that prompts me to look at the past year with an eye to considering changes that will improve my life;  mind, body and spirit.  It is a fork-in-the-road opportunity.  A place to make important decisions that will determine my attitudes, activities and accomplishments for the next year.  Of course, every day holds this opportunity.

So, today, January 2, 2016, I wish you all a blessed year.  Like all the years before it, it will be full of work and play(add more fun),  routines and surprises (may they all be good),  highs and lows (bouncing back quickly), people and busyness (that you love),  silence and solitude (where you find God).

Blessings, Jan